5G Explained: What is 5G & how will it work?

5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks enabling the connectivity of today’s modern society, the Internet of Things and tomorrow’s innovations. AMTA, in partnership with GSMA and MWF, has developed the 5G Explained series to provide a clear and simple explanation on how 5G actually works.  AMTA CEO Chris Althaus launched the 5G Explained series at the CommsDay Summit 2018 in Sydney.

“With 5G literally on our doorstep now, and set to revolutionise mobile connectivity, educational resources like this will certainly help in the 5G conversations that dominate discussion.”

Chris Althaus, AMTA CEO

Most operators will initially integrate 5G networks with existing 4G networks to provide a continuous connection.  4G will provide the backbone and coverage layer for the new enhanced networks. When a 5G connection is established, the device will connect to both the 4G network to provide the control signalling and to the 5G network to help provide the fast data connection by adding to the existing 4G capacity. Where there is limited 5G coverage, the data is carried as it is today on the 4G network providing the continuous connection.  Essentially with this design, the 5G network is complementing the existing 4G network. Follow the links below for more information or download the PDF version 5G Explained Series.
What is 5G?
What will 5G enable?
When will 5G be ready?
What will be the first applications for 5G?
What will 5G devices offer?
When will 5G devices be available?
How does 5G work?
5G working with 4G
How does 5G deliver continuous connection, greater capacity, and faster speed and response times?
5G Spectrum
Massive MIMO and beam steering antennas
5G delivering lower latency
5G Resources and links