5G Explained

As the deployment of 5G accelerates it will deliver enhanced mobile technologies whilst maintaining low levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) exposure.

Australian experts are playing a key role in establishing a responsible framework for 5G and EMF. In May 2018, Mike Wood, Chairman of AMTA’s Health and Safety Committee presented at the 5th Asian & Oceanic IRPA Congress on Radiation Protection on the challenges, opportunities and framework for 5G and EMF standards.

The presentation looked at the improvements that 5G mobile technology will have through more efficient devices and network design. Whilst more people will be using wireless connections in the future we will see 5G networks keeping EMF levels below safety standards.

“A responsible framework for 5G and EMF includes globally harmonized standards, responsible network deployment and proactive stakeholder and community engagement.  Effective implementation is a joint responsibility of Governments, Industry, and Standards Organizations” Mike explained.

For more information on 5G and how it will work, including the health and safety aspects see our 5G Explained resources which are the latest instalment in the EMF Explained Series.

The EMF Explained Series is an information resource referencing national and international health agencies developed by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) in conjunction with the GSM Association (GSMA) and Mobile & Wireless Forum (MWF).  It provides easy to understand information on what is 5G, how it works and links to expert health research.

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5G & EMF explained.