Australia – Global leader in mobile connectivity

Australia continues to be top 5 in the Mobile Connectivity Index put out by the GSM Association (GSMA), an industry organisation that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide.

The Mobile Connectivity Index measures the performance of 170 countries against the key enablers of mobile internet adoption. Its objective is to support the efforts of the mobile industry, governments, and the wider international community to deliver on the ambition of universal access to the internet.

Key metrics taken into account were coverage, gross national income per capita, mobile connections, rural population, mobile broadband connections and the country’s population were used to compute a score for the index. Scores were awarded for infrastructure, affordability, consumer readiness and content and services. See Global scores

To be recognised in this space for several consecutive years is a reflection of the strong dynamics of the Australian mobile sector with intense competition, high levels of industry investment supporting world-class networks, and the latest generation of mobile technologies, applications and services – notably our 4G/5G ecosystem.

Mobile telecommunications connectivity has proven critical to the ability of many businesses and industries to remain operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It is clear that the demand for mobile connectivity will continue to grow and play a central role to meet the challenges posed by our pandemic recovery and into the future.