5G is safe

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is the Government agency responsible for setting Australian safety standards around radiation and EME emissions.

The Agency has recently updated its website and information for consumers in relation to Electromagnetic Energy (EME), 5G mobile networks and health and their main conclusion is that there are no health effects below the national and international guidelines.

The Agency’s website states that:

Although the 5G mobile phone network is new, limits set in safety standards, our understanding of the evidence of health effects and the need for more research have not changed.

At exposure levels below the limits set within the ARPANSA safety standard, it is the assessment of ARPANSA and international organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation (ICNIRP) that there is no established scientific evidence to support any adverse health effects from very low RF EME exposures to populations or individuals.

ARPANSA have also become concerned about misinformation about 5G networks that is currently circulating on public forums and social media and which may be causing unnecessary concern.  ARPANSA say:

Contrary to some claims, there are no established health effects from the radio waves that the 5G network uses.

This network currently runs on radio waves similar to those used in the current 4G network, and in the future will use radio waves with higher frequencies. It is important to note that higher frequencies does not mean higher or more intense exposure. Higher frequency radio waves are already used in security screening units at airports, police radar guns to check speed, remote sensors and in medicine and these uses have been thoroughly tested and found to have no negative impacts on human health.


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