DAS Specification Consultation

AMTA invites stakeholders and interested parties to consult on a DAS Specification. 


AMTA intends to publish a DAS Specification on behalf of the mobile carriers that serves as general guidance to third parties interested in designing and installing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) that will support the supply of enhanced in-building mobile coverage by all mobile carriers.

The mobile carriers have identified a need to produce a new specification for two primary reasons:

  • A DAS needs to be capable of supporting 5G technology and 5G spectrum bands.
  • A DAS does not need to support 3G technologies, as all mobile carriers have announced the withdrawal of 3G, with spectrum being repurposed for either 4G or 5G.

Consultation Progress

AMTA has received feedback from stakeholders on the first draft of the DAS Specification and is in the process of considering the feedback.

Further AMTA intends to distribute a second draft of the DAS Specification and an outcomes paper soon inviting further feedback.

On receipt of stakeholders’ second round of feedback, this will be considered and a final outcomes document will be produced along with the release of the final DAS Specification.

Depending on the extent of responses to the second draft DAS Specification, AMTA may conduct an online outcomes session with stakeholders.

AMTA remains open to engaging with all stakeholders on the issues related to the draft DAS Specification during the consultation process.

Questions on the Consultation

Questions on the consultation may be sent via email to contact@amta.org.au Please indicate in the title of the email “DAS Consultation” and a response will be provided via email.


Download draft MCF Design Specification for Distributed Antenna Systems here