Find a mobile device with accessibility features

Smartphones come with many built-in accessibility features that are helpful for people living with disability and those who experience limitations in hearing, vision, dexterity or learning ability.

There are also many mobile apps designed to assist people who have specific accessibility requirements.

The Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) has been running since 2008 and was developed by the Mobile & Wireless Forum to provide a central point of information for consumers interested in the various accessibility features of mobile phones, tablets and apps. It also has information on accessibility features of wearables and smart TVs.

You can visit GARI and find out more about various accessibility features available on mobile devices. You can also search their database to find a device that will be suitable based on your particular accessibility needs.

In Australia, the NDIA has funded ACCAN (Australian Communciations Consumer Action Network) and IDEAS to provide the Accessible Telecoms resource.

Accessible Telecoms provides independent, up-to-date information on mainstream mobile and other assistive telecommunication products suitable for people with disabilities. The service also provides referrals for training, set-up, on-going support and equipment provision.

Accessible Telecoms is a free service that can be used by anyone, including people with disability, their family & carers, service providers and advocates.