Health and Safety – Top Tips

Here are some top tips to help you stay safe and healthy while using your mobile:

  • Use handsfree while driving and keep your eyes on the road.
  • NEVER text while driving because it is illegal and very dangerous.
  • If  you have safety concerns, use a handsfree or text messaging to reduce EME exposure to the head.
  • Use your mobile in good coverage areas.
  • Pedestrians using mobiles should remain alert to traffic and other obstacles.
  • Turn off chargers at the powerpoint when not in use
  • Always purchase approved mobile handsets and accessories – knock-offs may be cheaper but they use inferior materials and are not tested for safety. Read our buyer beware tips to find out more.
  • In an emergency call Triple Zero (000) and provide your location information to the operator. As long as you are within coverage of a mobile network you will be able to call Triple Zero (000), even without credit or a SIM card. More details about calling Triple Zero from a mobile can be found here.
  • I f you have a smartphone with GPS capability, you can download the Emergency + App (developed by NSW Fire and Rescue) for free from iTunes or the Google Play store – this app uses your smartphone’s GPS capabilities to provide you with your location information which you can give to the Triple Zero operator if needed. It also provides advice about when to call Triple Zero or alternative numbers such as the SES or Police Assistance Line.
  • Ignore cyberbullies and do not respond to bullying messages. Block them and report them.

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