International roaming explained

What is international roaming?

International roaming is when you are able to use your mobile on another mobile network overseas while still being billed by your usual Australian mobile service provider.

This works because the overseas network provider has a commercial agreement with your Australian mobile network provider and will bill your home network provider for the calls you make while on their network.

Depending on your destination and the type of roaming available there, you will generally use your existing mobile number and mobile phone to make and receive calls, access voicemail, send and receive SMS as well as access data services.

Check with your service provider before you travel to find out if roaming will be available at your destination and also to find out what kind of charges will be involved.

Depending on your plan charges you incur while roaming may be higher than charges you would incur for using the same services at home.

You should therefore talk to your service provider before you travel so that you can familiarise yourself with how roaming charges will work and can minimise any extra charges and make sure your plan is tailored to your needs.

Finally, also check with your service provider that your handset will be compatible with the network in your destination country. Because some countries use different bands of radio-frequency spectrum for mobile networks, not all mobile phones will work in all countries. If it isn’t compatible, it may be possible to arrange to hire an appropriate handset either at your destination or before you go.