RF Safety Program

What is the AMTA RF Safety Program?

The AMTA RF Safety Program is a compliance strategy developed by the mobile carriers to meet the legislation requirements of:

  • ACMA
  • Radiocommunications Licence Conditions
  • OH&S

Why use the AMTA RF Safety Program?

The AMTA RF Safety Program enables management of cumulative site EME in line with the requirements of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) Radiation Protection Standard RPS S-1 (Compliant with International ICNIRP Standard)

How can my organisation use the RF Safety Program?

AMTA and the MCF have made the program available to operators of radio, wireless and broadcast services in Australia.

The program is managed by AMTA as a not for profit service with any costs passed on being in relation to operational cost recovery only (web platform hosting etc)

Access to the program is offered based on the volume of sites being managed ie:

  • An annual base fee;
  • An additional fee based on the number of sites;
  • Note: AMTA members are not charged the annual base fee;

For more information on joining the program, contact the RF Safety Program Manager at RFSafetyProgram@amta.org.au

Compliance Requirements

Currently radio communications (radcoms) licensees are responsible for demonstrating compliance of their individual apparatus, however cumulative compliance is not mandatory. The AMTA RF Safety Program facilitates a cumulative compliance system where information is lodged on a central web-based database and updates related to configuration changes on site are easily facilitated.


Access the Radio Frequency National Site Archive (RFNSA) website here:  RFNSA