Mobile Phone Shields

Mobile phone users will see that products are advertised that claim to “shield” or “reduce” radiation from handsets and enhance the safety of users from electromagnetic emissions (EME).

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) relies on the advice of national and international health authorities and regulators who have found that devices designed to “shield” mobile phone users are unnecessary and their effectiveness in in reducing exposure in everyday use is unproven.

Consumers should look for science-based facts about such products, including independent test reports in real life use conditions to confirm any marketing claims about such products.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Fact Sheet No 193 says:

“The use of commercial devices for reducing radiofrequency field exposure has not been shown to be effective.”

All mobile phone models sold in Australia are designed, built and tested to meet strict science-based safety standards, which include the added precaution of a safety margin to ensure they can be used safely by the general public.

To see AMTA fact sheet on mobile phone shields click here.