Prepaid regulations

Under the Telecommunications (Service Provider – Identity Checks for Prepaid Mobile Carriage Services) Determination 2017 (the Determination), mobile service providers are required to verify a customer’s ID when they purchase or activate a mobile prepaid service.

The 2017 Determination replaces previous versions of the rules around prepaid ID checks from 2013 and 2001.

The Determination means that when you purchase or activate a mobile prepaid service you will be required to provide some personal information and also have that information verified by your mobile service provider. Depending on how you make your purchase and the arrangements your service provider has in place, the process for collecting and verifying your information will vary.

The Determination is a regulation that applies to all Carriage Service Providers is enforced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and you can read more about the regulations on the ACMA website.