5G is Safe and Transformative

The mobile telecommunications industry welcomes the release of 5G Inquiry Report by the House Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts.

The Report entitled The next gen future: Inquiry into the deployment, adoption and application of 5G in Australia is the result of a thorough and comprehensive Inquiry process that examined evidence from relevant experts and nearly 500 individuals submissions.

The Report has clearly identified 5G as a safe and transformative technology – building on the legacy of previous mobile generations (3G and 4G).

The Report highlights the roll-out of 5G is critical for enabling enhanced connectivity, innovation and driving Australia’s productivity. With the capability of delivering large volumes of data with ultra-low latency, 5G will provide the crucial enabling architecture needed to support the onset of the fourth industrial revolution, where Australians will experience the blurring of lines between the cyber and physical in their workplaces, homes and leisure time.

The Committee observed the many decades of scientific research into the health and safety of mobile technologies and are assured that 5G is safe.

In addition to recognising the crucial and important role 5G will play, the report calls out that technology can be complex to understand so there is an ongoing need to provide public education resources to explain mobile networks and the mobile infrastructure needed in our cities and towns to enable 5G’s contribution to a better-connected future for Australia.

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Full Report here:

The Next Gen Future