The Deployment Code

The C564:2020 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code (commonly referred to as the “Deployment Code”) outlines the steps telecommunications carriers must take when deciding the location and design of new mobile phone base stations. All licensed mobile network carriers must comply with the requirements of the Code.

The Code is designed to complement the existing regulatory and legislative requirements for telecommunications deployments. It ensures greater community consultation and participation in the installation of mobile phone base stations and requires carriers to apply a number of disciplines during the site selection, design and operation of communications facilities.

The Code requires carriers to apply a precautionary approach to site selection, site design and site operation.

The Deployment Code requires the development of a ‘fit for purpose’ consultation plan for new sites that do not require planning approval. For these sites, a site specific website provides up to date information to the public and key stakeholders about the background of the site and its progress through the consultation phase.

If a facility is not deemed low-impact, mobile phone carriers must also comply with all relevant federal and state laws as well as Local Government planning controls.

AMTA Fact Sheet  Guide to Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code

View The Deployment Code here.