Towards a circular economy

The mobile industry is supporting and stimulating Australia’s transition towards a circular economy. A circular economy is designed to support the repair, reuse and recycling of products so that the materials that have gone into making them retain their value and can continue to be reused.

To support the circular economy, it is important to extend the life of a mobile phone. The industry has enabled consumers to easily update their software and entire operating system without the need to always purchase a new phone. They also offer repair and reuse programs for customers and when your phone no longer works you can recycle it through AMTA’s MobileMuster program.

The mobile industry will continue to develop the circular economy in Australia, specifically we believe our role through the MobileMuster program is to:

  • Enhance the collection system of unwanted phones;
  • Support repair and reuse programs to increase the lifespan of mobile phone use;
  • Improve the material recovery process in recycling; and
  • Reduce the number of phones in storage.

MobileMuster – Extending the Life of Your Phone from MobileMuster on Vimeo.