5G Infrastructure Readiness Assessment

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has released Edition 1 of the State & Territory 5G Infrastructure Readiness Assessment.

One of AMTA’s top priorities is the timely, efficient and effective deployment of the 5G mobile network infrastructure. Whilst much of Australia’s mobile telecommunications infrastructure is established using Federal ‘Low-impact’ exemptions, there remains a substantial proportion that requires development approval from local government, which means navigating the planning rules and regulations established by Australia’s State and Territory Governments.

With ongoing improvements being made to 4G networks, together with the rapid parallel deployment of the latest 5G networks, the time has never been better for Australia’s State and Territory Governments to review and recalibrate their policy settings and planning rules to cater for improved mobile connectivity.

To encourage and support that reform process, AMTA has assessed the current regulatory frameworks of each of Australia’s eight State and Territory Governments, and the results of this assessment can be found in Edition 1 of the Readiness Assessment.

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