How 5G will change Australia

AMTA launches content series to bring to life the benefits of 5G for key Australian industries.

Australia consistently ranks among the top-tier of best performing countries for mobile connectivity. Being named the number one nation in the world by the GSMA Mobile Connectivity Index for the sixth consecutive year in 2020 is a reflection of our advanced mobile sector and recognises the continuous innovation and investment in network infrastructure by Australia’s mobile network operators.

The latest generation of mobile – 5G – is now here and Australia is once again at the forefront, with 2021 touted by the Australian Government as the ‘Year of 5G’.

The capabilities of 5G are exciting and the continued rollout of 5G is unlocking countless opportunities for key industries and the broader Australian community.

5G will not only provide Australians with better connectivity, it will impact all sectors of our economy and society and ultimately enable industries to become more productive and efficient, helping with the country’s economic recovery following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We are at a point where there is a clear foundation for 5G-enabled technology to now lead digital transformation in Australia, leveraging the fast, ultra-low latency and increased capacity of 5G networks that have been established. And the time has never been better for businesses, communities, governments, and individuals alike to imagine new use cases and possibilities of 5G technology.

As the peak industry body and voice of Australia’s mobile telecommunications industry, one of AMTA’s key purposes is to promote public trust and confidence in mobile networks.

With so many opportunities for individuals and industries to capitalise on 5G, AMTA’s new content series will focus on four key verticals – Smart Cities, Agriculture, Health, and Transport and Logistics – to highlight the positive impact 5G will have in Australia.

These major verticals challenge the 5G network in different ways and will demonstrate to Australians how wide-reaching the benefits of 5G will be.

Over the coming months, AMTA’s content series will explore the role 5G is playing in each of these verticals, and what it will mean for industries and the broader Australian community. The aim of the series is to promote discussion and encourage more individuals, businesses, industries, and governments to embrace and adopt 5G technology so we can move Australia towards a successful, 5G-enabled future.

The possibilities of 5G are endless and AMTA looks forward to helping Australians realise the life-altering advancements 5G will bring.

Watch the 5G 5 Ways series launch video below