Submissions to Government

AMTA has provided the following submissions to Government and Regulators:


to ACMA on 850/900 MHz Draft Auction Instruments 28 May 2021

to DoITRDC on Media Reform-Green Paper  23rd May 2021

to ACMA on Five Year Spectrum Outlook 2021-26   5th May 2021


to DoITRDC on Improving the telecommunications powers and immunities framework – September 2020

to ACMA on Five Year Spectrum Outlook 2020-24  25 June 2020


to House of Representatives, Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts – Inquiry into 5G joint  AMTACA submission Nov 2019.

to DoCA – response to Regional Connectivity discussion paper, 9 Sept 2019 (with Commsalliance)

to ACMA on IFC 29/19, joint AMTACA submission Regulation of International Mobile Roaming -draft instruments, 9 Sept

to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Security and Intelligence on review of Identity Matching Bill 2019, 6 Sept

to ACMA on IFC 19/19, Area Wide Apparatus Licence proposal, 9 August

to DoCA – on Consumer Safeguards Review  – Part B,  18 Jan

to National Transport Commission – on AMTA Submission – Developing technology-neutral road rules for driver distraction. 14 Feb.

to ACMA on  IFC 45 2018 Class licensing for 5G Spectrum, 22 Feb.

to ACMA on IFC 4/19, Exemption to allow AFP Drones Jamming, 12 April.

to ACMA on Combating scams, a discussion paper on technological solutions, 10 May. (with Commsalliance)

to ACMA on IFC 10/19 submission on Five Year Spectrum Outlook 2019-23, 12 May.

to AMTA Submission to the ACMA – IFC 9 – 2019 Replanning of 28GHz, 21 May 2019.


to Dept of Home Affairs – Review of National arrangements for the protection and management of identity information – joint AMTA/CA submission

Liquid Fuel Emergency Act – joint submission with Communications Alliance

to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence & Security (PJCIS) – joint submission by Communications Alliance/AMTA/AIIA on the Encryption Bill 2018

to the ACCC – Review of the Facilities Access Code (Aug 2018 discussion paper)

to Department of Environment – Mobile Muster response on review of Product Stewardship Act

to the ACMA – consultation on the International Mobile Roaming Standard

to the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee (RTIRC), 2018 Review

to the Department of Communications and the Arts – Review of the eSafety Act (joint submission with Commsalliance)

to the ACMA – Five Year Spectrum Outlook (2018-22)

to the ACMA – 5.6 GHz

to the ACMA – 3.6 GHz

to the ACMA – Five Year Spectrum Outlook (2017-21)


Joint Industry Submission – AIIA/Communications Alliance/AMTA – to Department of Industry, Innovation & Science – Digital Economy Strategy, 30 Nov 2017

to Department of Communications and the Arts – joint submission on Radcomms Bill 2017 and Spectrum Reforms 28 July

to the ACMA – Supplementary Submission on Reconfiguring the 890-915/935-960 MHz Band

to the ACMA – Reconfiguring the 890-915/935-960 MHz Band

to the Reserve Bank of Australia on Dual Network Cards and Mobile Wallet Technology Feb 2017

to the ACMA on the Five Year Spectrum Outlook 2016-20 – AMTA/Communications Alliance joint submission 7 Feb 2017

to the Parliamentary Joint Commission on Intelligence and Security on the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (Telecommunications Sector Security Reform) Feb 2017 – joint submission with Communications Alliance, AIG and AIIA, 3 Feb 2017


Joint AMTA/Communications Alliance submission on Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016

to Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters – joint AMTA/CA submission – Nov 2016

to Spectrum Review (DoCA)  – /files/AMTACA-Submission.pdf – joint AMTA/CA Submission on the Department’s Radcomms Bill 2016 Legislative Consultation paper.

to DoCA – Communications Accessibility: 2016 and beyond – 6 May 2016

to ACMA – supplementary submission – ” Beyond 2020 – Strategy for Mobile Broadband” – January 2016


to ACMA – in response to “Beyond 2020 – Strategy for Mobile Broadband” – Oct 2015

to Department of Communications – Review of the Australia Commmunicatons and Media Authority (ACMA) 19 August

to Attorney-General’s Department, AIG AIIA AMTA Communications Alliance Submission on TSSR – Exposure Draft Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

to Regional Telecommunications Review, response to Issues Paper, 17 July 2015

to Productivity Commission – Public Safety Mobile Broadband – 12 June 2015

Spectrum Review – to DoC – letter to Secretary Drew Clark re Spectrum Review Report – 5 June 2015

to ICT Statistics Review –  Australian Bureau of Statistics and Department of Communications

to Spectrum Review (Department of Communications) – submission – 16 Feb 2015.