Carriers powers and immunities reforms

Tranche One of the powers and immunities reforms has been finalised with the registration of the Telecommunications Code of Practice 2021 and Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Amendment Determination 2021 on the Federal Register of Legislation on the 8th November 2021.

Summary of the changes introduced by the instruments is as follows:

Code of Practice

  • Consolidated carrier conditions relating to safety and operations into a new Chapter.
  • New requirement for carriers to provide landowners with installation certificates that apply to certain types of facilities.
  • Extended record keeping obligations for carriers relating to depth of underground facilities at the time of installation.
  • New requirement for carriers to withdraw notices for cancelled activities.
  • New power that enables carriers to refer a matter to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
  • Inclusion of a timeframe in which carriers must refer landowner-requested objections to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.


Low Impact Facilities Determination (LIFD)

  • Increased the maximum protrusion length of antennae from 3 metres to 5 metres;
  • Increased the maximum diameter of a radiocommunications dish from 1.8 metres to 2.4 metres;
  • Amended the current tower extension conditions to include commercial areas, and to allow for subsequent extensions to a tower up to a cumulative maximum height of 5 metres; and
  • Increased the maximum co-location volume limit in commercial areas from 25 per cent to 50 per cent.


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